Things Need to Be Considered When Choosing Women’s Watches

Your wristwatch is a personal accessory as well as a time piece and tells people as much about you and your personality as do your clothes.

First of all, decide when and where you are going to be wearing your watch. usually don’t go with the suits you wear for work, though some watches are elegant enough to do double-duty.

Women's Watches

The next thing to consider is how big boned you are. People with heavy bones do not look good with delicate watches (these watches just draw attention to how how large your wrist is). If you are tall then choose a watch with a broad strap and face, which will help make your wrist look smaller. Proportion is the key.

Small boned women by contrast need delicate watches. Large watches overwhelm them. Bracelet watches look good on small boned wrists. On the other hand wide leather straps can be disproportionate.

Womens Sports Watches

Also consider lifestyle. Sportswomen will be better off with a sports watch than a dress watch. If you are into competitive sport, you probably need a chronograph rather than a plain timepiece. Don’t choose watches that are too glitzy for work. If you can afford it, simply buy several watches to suit different occasions. Because your watch will need to last for years, avoid fashion fads.

Finally, consider your hair and skin tone when deciding which watch to buy. People with warm skin tones and hair look good in brown leather or gold straps, while people with cool coloring should opt for steel or white metal straps or a black leather strap. What suits a someone with red or ginger hair will not suit a brunette.

Cartier ladies watch

Once you have decided what type of watch you want, then decide on your budget. If you are on a tight budget then consider buying a watch from one of the discounters. In the past most women opted for a costume or fake watch, now however, an increase in retailers selling watches, you can buy an original make at a discount. Even if you are going to buy an expensive watch such as a Cartier ladies watch, steep discounts can be had by going to Amazon to buy it, instead of buying it from a jeweller.

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