How to use the Rolex Submariner Test When Buying Expensive Watches

Rolex Submariner

Before you make a purchase decision on any watch above $7,000, it is a good idea to first measure the value of the watch to ensure you get real value for your money. One of the best ways is to do the Rolex submariner test. What you will be seeking to establish in this test is how the watch you intend to buy compares to the Rolex submariner. More specifically, does the watch deliver more, the same, or less value? The truth is not all watches are equal. Looking at Baseline examples of good performing timepieces can help you establish the value of any watch. The submariner family is one of the best performing watches and would be great for a Baseline to determine if you are getting a good deal. Granted, the submariner price if probably inflated because of the Rolex name. This notwithstanding, it has a great resale value so you can always look at it as an asset.

Submariner 40-millimeter steel casing

Most submariners have a 40-millimeter steel casing that is made from the highest quality steel. Rolex is also known for the stylish designs on the steel casing. The minute and hour hands are in 18k white gold while the rotating diver’s bezel comes in a high-end ceramic insert that is impressively scratch-resistant. Characteristic of all other Rolex watches, the submariner has a very comfortable bracelet. Granted, not all other watches might have all these features but if you are spending the same amount as a submariner, then you should at least get a watch that matches these specs and if possible, one that surpasses them. There are a couple of things that you can look out for that would help you make a purchase decision. For instance, if you get similar features in another watch at a cheaper price, then it is a good bargain. Since Rolex have a long term relationship with steel, you can also look for other exotic materials that other models are willing to use. The submariner is also loved for its classic design so if you get a watch that has a great design, that is a sign of great value.

Rolex Submariner 14060

Another great place to look for value over a submariner is in the movement. The submariner has great movement in the watch but if you are looking for really sophisticated movements, you need to look at other watches. You are bound to get a lot of sophisticated movements in a couple of Rolex competitors. Some users prefer fancy movements since they link the movements to value. Watches are largely pieces of art and emotion and this largely complicates the determination of value. Different users have different standards that define their understanding of art which means it is almost impossible to have a blanket value assessment of value in terms of art.

Rolex Submariner Watch

As personal as value can be, it is still no secret that even the most seasoned watch collectors still compare every watch they collect with a Rolex in order to establish the real value. A Rolex submariner not only has a great market resale value but also an excellent reputation which qualifies it as a great bar for establishing value. It is therefore a good idea to do a Rolex submariner test before buying an expensive watch.

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