Brief Reviews of Breitling Luxury Chronographs and Their Models

Breitling Chronograph Automatic Watch

Breitling are specialists in wrist chronographs modeling and supply. There are a wide variety of luxury watches that have special functions. We shall discuss some of the popular chronographs among them Breitling Avenger and the successive series, Breitling Bentley , Breitling certifie and Breitling Chronomat models eg Breitling Chrono Last among others and Breitling Navitimer. All these wrist watches are made to favor a certain environment for example Aviation industry, Aeromarine, Motor industry and also to meet the demand for luxury chronograph among the people as luxury watches dictates the respect you can command in your social circle and when you attend social and also professional gatherings.

Breitling Avenger is made to meet professional professional taste, the avenger comes in different colors. Its models are made of rubber straps of stainless steel bracelet. It has steel case that withstands scratches and ensures durability. These models are water resistant up to 300 meters and has around 40 – 50 power reserve. They ensures conversion scale for Anglo -Saxon and metric measurement especially Avenger ll. The Avenger for Breitling is made to resist shock given it is preferred by professional divers and swimmers. The models come with a great design and precision. There are two chronographs with GMT function and jet black Av ll blackbird. The models are part of aeromarine (with superocean and colt).

Breitling Chronographs on Hand

Breitling Bentley These wrist chronographs were made synonymous mly with the high profile Bentley cars. They have almost the same qualities as the Bentley Vehicles to meet their customer tastes. The Bentley for Breitling has a wide selection of models that has changed with time getting an update time and again. Among the series is Breitling for Bentley Auto self wind for men that comes with black straps, has scratch resistant rectangular window that has black dial and has four functions (date, hours, minutes and seconds).

Breitling Bentley A4436412

Breitling Bentley Swiss Auto Silver BT A4436412 -G67955 which has steel bracelet 52 hours power reserve, tachymeter, minutes, date, hours chronograph and seconds functions. Others are GMT Racing Bentley water resistant powered by auto self winding for precision ,Flying B No.3 Made of steel with leather band , dial window and analogue display type ,Motor T blue dial with anti reflective dial window and steel strap and has chronograph function. They have a distinctive large second hand that rotates after thirty seconds for this reason for accuracy. The Breitling Bentley GMT British Racing Green Ltd Edition should not be forgotten. It has green window and adjustable straps on a steel scratch resistant casing.

Breitling Bentley GMT British Racing Green Ltd Edition

Breitling Navitimer is classic wrist chronographs made for ease in the aviation industry though their use is not limited on air or aviation industry only. The pilots can use the watch for navigation, calculation and checking time and making timings. The wrist watches are a useful resource in calculating speed, distance and fuel consumption and can help the pilot estimate or make great decisions while on board as long as a certain route and refueling is concerned. They come along in different case materials and bracelets which determines the prices of each. The model was introduced in 1982 and since then there have not been many changes to the pioneering model.

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